Make Them Count : Publish Your Photos - On The Web, In A Book Or On DVD
A presentation by Michael Smith at the 2006 MACUL Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 3/10/2006.
  1. On the web
    1. From iPhoto
      1. Photocast and RSS feed
        1. Use iPhoto and a .mac account to create a Photocast
        2. Any RSS reader can also subscribe to the Photocast
        3. Jim Heid has an article about using iPhoto to receive a Flickr RSS feed

      2. iPhoto
        1. Go to File > Export > Web Page

        2. jAlbum

          1. This is a free program that lets you build web pages from a variety of templates from your iPhoto library
        3. Galerie

          1. A free program with many, many templates to make web pages from your iPhoto albums
      3. iWeb

        1. Upload to .mac
        2. My .mac site, MS Pix
        3. Upload to any other site
          The very cool slide show feature for iWeb photo pages doesn't work when you publish to anyplace other than .mac.
          However, if you replace the Slide Show Assets folder with one from xxxxxxxxxx
      4. Photoshop Elements
        1. Built in feature to create web galleries
        2. There are a lot of templates to choose from.
      5. Flickr

        1. Use the Flickr Export Plug in to upload directly from iPhoto to your Flickr account
    2. Blogs
      1. Upload your photos directly to a blog
      2. Add a link from your blog to a photo storage site like Flickr or Photo Bucket
      3. My blog
    3. FilmLoop

      1. FilmLoop is a new way to share photos on the web
      2. Works on Macs and PCs
      3. Users on both ends can join a FilmLoop
    4. .mac
    5. Your own site
      1. GoDaddy
      2. Yahoo
      3. Your Internet Service Provider
    6. Online photoservices
      1. Kodak Gallery
      2. Shutterfly
      3. Snapfish
    7. Flickr is a wonderful photo sharing site.

      1. Part of Yahoo
        1. If you have a Yahoo account you're ready to start using Flickr
        2. Build online photo communities
        3. Print books, cards, posters and more
        4. Limit your photos to Friends and Family
      2. Free account with a limited number of photos
      3. $25 yearly fee for unlimited use
    8. Photobucket photo storage and sharing site
      1. Limited by the amount of bandwidth used
  2. On DVD
  3. In books
    1. Handmade
    2. iPhoto
      1. Hard cover and soft cover in different sizes

    3. Flickr

    4. Kodak Gallery

    5. Shutterfly

      1. Leather, suede and satin bound books

      2. Wedding albums
      3. Flipbooks
    6. Lulu

    7. Zoom Album

      1. This is a Windows program.
      2. Check out the way they fold the paper to make the inside of the book.
  4. As prints
    Online photoservices
        1. Kodak Gallery
        2. Shutterfly
        3. Snapfish
        4. MPIX produces high quality images (get photos with rounded corners)
        5. White House Custom Color is a high end online photo service that many pros use
  5. As a poster
    1. Use your Flickr account to make a poster
    2. Make a fake movie poster with Flickr
    3. Jim Heid makes a poster with Mac OS 10.4 Automater and iPhoto
  6. As a magazine cover from Flickr
  7. As a comic strip with Comic Life
  8. As cards and calendars
    1. iPhoto
      1. Cards
        1. Use Image Tricks for more effects than iPhoto has built in

        2. Image Tricks gives you more image effects for iPhoto
        3. Set the iPhoto Preferences (iPhoto > Preferences) to use Image Tricks to edit a photo when it is double clicked.
      2. Calendars
    2. Online photo services
      1. Shutterfly
      2. Kodak Gallery
      3. Snapfish
    3. VistaPrint
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